A little bit of me

A little bit of me

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What has happened?

February 23, 2011

For the past month i've felt like the world has fallen on me and I can't breathe! I really miss my dad i got into it with my mom again and I can't help but check on Tyler's status to see if he would even think of a second, " Melanie was the best thing in my life! Why did I ever let her go?" YA that's never going to happen ever!

Well.. guess what today i checked it and idk if he was just saying it but my friend jessica said" i thought you liked me" and he said "of course i love you jessica" and then she replied ":)" WTF!!! Ugh hate how you get soo addicted to things that make your life 30% public because 20% of you want to get an affect from someone, 10% you're bored out of your mind and 40% you want to see if someone cares! It's so rediculouse!

My mom got into a fight with me about how I never can do anything right, I need to lose weight, I cause all my problems, blah blah and blah! What kind of mother says that to her teen daughter that has to deal with her apperance everyday and highschool. I MEAN REALL!!?!?

My life up untill i was 11 the only person that ever loved me was my dad. I didn't live with him but he raised me while my mom went to school and i guess she saw that me and my dad had a better connetion. So she just left me to be raised from by him and live with her. I really makes me that she didn't even try to make a relationship with me. I barely started to have conversations with her about my life. I'm 15 i haven't spoken to her about my life for fifteen years.

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  1. Keep your head up Mels. No matter how tough life can be there is always a new day ahead of you. A another chance at winning at this game we call life.