A little bit of me

A little bit of me

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where am I? Who are you?

Today I found myself lost... I had forgotten where I was. I had no sense of direction. I still haven't realized I'm here in the middle of the ocean, this isn't North America anymore. I'm closer to China than I am to my home town, my friends, my family...
It wasn't hard to say goodbye at first. It was different. I could at least text them, or drive to where they are on a holiday weekend. No.. I'm cut off from them.
I had been suddenly re-introduced to my past, and ever since then... everything seems temporary. It makes me run away from commitment, I hide from the ropes that want to tie me down. Is there a point. Either way I'm going to have to say goodbye. It's sad to think that everyone I know here now, won't exist in two years... I don't have any solid connections to anyone. I don't have those friend that I can trust no matter what, that friend that I didn't have to tell my life story to because they lived it with me. I miss that. I miss it terribly...

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